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Job Code: 0103 - Legal Affairs Manager

Job Title: Legal Affairs Manager [Job#:0103]

                                                                                   General Duties and Responsibilities:

We are seeking an individual to act as RFCINCo's chief executive representative responsible for overseeing all applicable legal affairs and regulatory compliance considerations of the full compliment of products, services and operations maintained by the RFCINCo entity while also, serving as RFCINCo's authority and lead council/adviser concerning all legal and regulatory issues related to its business activities.

- Duties may typically include providing all levels of management with effective legal advisement on business issues and company strategies; selecting and overseeing the work of outside counsel; drafting and editing commercial agreements; ensuring the company operates in compliance with applicable laws and regulations; and helping prepare briefs, complaints, motions and other court documents.

- Other tasks may include advising the human resources department on current applicable regulatory employment laws and policies including any applicable labor and benefit issues and disputes; drafting and negotiating contracts and agreements such as joint venture agreements, government contracts and sales contracts; and providing litigation support.