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Job Code: 0101 - Human Resources Manager

Job Title: Human Resources Manager [Job #: 0101]

                                                                                        General Duties & Responsibilities:

- RFCINCo requires an individual to assume responsibility for managing and overseeing its personnel department commensurate with all approved recruitment requests from all other departments. This includes posting advertisements or approving advertisements for new employees, screening resumes and applications, setting interview appointments and being involved in many of the day -to- day hiring processes of RFCINCo. Our human resources manager will also be responsible for providing employee supervision and evaluations, retraining employees, offering mediation services for struggling employees as well as firing employees that are not meeting our standards.

- RFCINCo’s Human Resource Manager must be aware of all local, state and federal employment guidelines, manage payroll issues, maintain employee records, complete and record insurance and other programs offered to employees and be able to assist employees in understanding and evaluating the participation in these programs. Human resource managers may also be actively involved in training, or retraining, new employees or existing employees or answering questions that employees may have on policies or procedures within RFCINCo.

- RFCINCo’s workplace safety issues, employee absenteeism concerns and employee health issues will also be issues commonly addressed by RFCINCo’s human resources manager. On occasion our HR Manager may be able to work directly with outside agencies to provide on-site counseling to specialized programs for addictions and/or crisis intervention counseling or services. Conflict resolution and improving overall workplace morale is also a key part of the role of a human resource manager. This is a great opportunity for someone who has an interest in developing an HR team, implementing processes, and shaping RFCINCo's HR department!

Common work activities for RFCINCo’s Human Resources Manager include:

  • Posting advertisements for new employees in newspapers, on the internet or in trade specific magazines. Contacting employment services or even executive recruiters for very specialized postings.
  • Ensuring all record keeping with regards to workman's compensation, health and medical insurance, and other state and government regulations is completed as required.
  • Overseeing the human resources department staff and handling all issues involving employee complaints or questions that cannot be answered by other staff.
  • Managing office or agency health, safety and mental health and well-being issues.
  • Working with employers and employees in training and in-service presentations as required.
  • Hiring, supervising, training, monitoring and firing of staff.

 Preferred Candidates:

- Preferred candidates will have at least a Bachelor's degree in HR Management (or similar field), have a minimum of three years of HR work experience, and be familiar with, and willing to employ, multiple remote services (that are used by RFCINCo) to affect many of their day-to-day HR duties.

Minimum Requirements:

 - Education:

Completion of a bachelor's degree in HR Management (or similar field) at an accredited college or university or equivalent work experience.

- Experience:

Candidates must have at least three years of HR experience with an implicit knowledge of local, state and federal employment guidelines, relevant HR record keeping/filing standards, and payroll management standards.


- To apply for this position -note the job number at the top of this page and return to the "Human Resources" page to download, and complete, each of the "RFCINCo's General Pre-employment and New-hire Forms" listed there. Send us your completed forms by postal mail to be considered for any position(s) you are applying for.

* If you have any questions about this job offer, or how to apply -go to our "Contact Us" page to request more information.